Roger Johnston Fractal Artist, Violinist, Optical Physicist


“A life influenced by the arts and sciences, math and music and the flow of reality/illusion. Life itself moves fractally, a journey along a chaotic boundary. Where safety is a predictable landscape of sameness, I seek the boundary that obscures, yet reveals, the energy of chaos/life, Fractals.”  

Roger Johnston: renowned fractal artist, mathematician extraordinaire, violinist.          Day job: optical physicist, lead engineer credited with repairing the Hubble Telescope, in addition to making major contributions building next generation optical telescopes and systems used in the recent Lunar missions that have led to discovering water on the moon as well as Mars.

About The Art

“Fractals” An emerging art form created from mathematical random chaos theory “The process of creating these fractals often requires hours of manipulation of function coefficients and palettes followed by perhaps hours in final rendering to create a final image.  I hope you find reward in viewing them as I am rewarded by creating them. In each of these fractals, the whole of science, math, and music precipitates onto the canvas, never seen, never envisioned before.” Roger Johnston 

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About Michael Luckman

Visual Music multimedia artist Michael Luckman, features the fractal art gallery of Roger Johnston as his palette to create moving works of art "Fractals in Motion" merging the mediums of music with visuals into a lyrical art form with each medium interpreting, supporting the other…. a counterpoint of sight and sound. To sample DVDs go to:
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