Michael Luckman the beginning before fractals – Visual Music Graphics, “Paintings in Motion” & the music of J.S. Bach



  Michael Luckman Visual Music Artist: Prior to my recent multimedia works using Fractals as my visual palette, my portfolio focused on my expression of Visual Music with a focus on Bach, especially Bach’s C Major Prelude, providing new insight and appreciation into a series of unique multimedia lectures played on the big screen with performances of live and recorded music for both the professional as well as the laymen into what makes great music great” 

Played in sync as an accompaniment to the music, Visual Music merges the mediums of sound and sight using geometric shapes, colors and musical space, custom designed cell by cell, measure by measure, evovving as digital paintings in motion, creating musical landscapes that trace the music’s structure and development to enrich the total experience.” For more information and media samples go to:


 (be sure to check out both the Lecture Series pages as well as the EDU section  at LuckmanMedia).

Additional works can also be found at:  www.YouTube.com/MLuckman 

Please note these media pieces will be available on DVD at our store at FractalsInMotion  in the very near future, so please check back and if you like sign our mailing list at the store so we can contact you when new releases are posted! 

About Michael Luckman

Visual Music multimedia artist Michael Luckman, features the fractal art gallery of Roger Johnston as his palette to create moving works of art "Fractals in Motion" merging the mediums of music with visuals into a lyrical art form with each medium interpreting, supporting the other…. a counterpoint of sight and sound. To sample DVDs go to: https://www.fractalsinmotion.com/multimedia-fractals-michael-luckman.php
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