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On August 14 -15, as an added attraction and follow up to our August 13th Bach and Forth Dinner and Concert, the uniquely beautiful and mathematically derived fractal still art created by Roger Johnston will be exhibited at the Wingate (located in the old Jenifer House). Included will be multimedia Fractal in Motion DVD artworks of Michael Luckman, Mr. Johnston’s collaborator, featuring selections from Friday’s Event, displayed on a large HD flat screen. In addition to Luckman’s multimedia fractal compositions the artist will also be displaying his signature Visual Music – Paintings in Motion moving art  DVDs based on Bach’s C Major Prelude, along with one of a kind canvas renderings of each measure from the prelude as interpreted by the artist. 

A portion of the sale of this art will be donated to benefit the Berkshire Bach Society’s fund raising efforts. For more information about Mr. Luckman’s Visual Music Bach Series, they can be viewed at: 

Please note, Roger Johnston will now be attending the Bach and Forth concert. Michael Luckman will be attending both the concert and be present for the Wingate Exhibition on both days. 

performing live with animation viewed on large screen

About Michael Luckman

Visual Music multimedia artist Michael Luckman, features the fractal art gallery of Roger Johnston as his palette to create moving works of art "Fractals in Motion" merging the mediums of music with visuals into a lyrical art form with each medium interpreting, supporting the other…. a counterpoint of sight and sound. To sample DVDs go to:
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