Woven Tapestry Fractal Art Roger Johnston

Once again Roger Johnston gives us a piece of fractal artwork created through random mathematical chaos theory … so rich in texture that it defies how art using pure math gone wild… can imitate so elegantly an organic tapestry.  Now featured at the store under New Releases: https://www.fractalsinmotion.com/store/index.php?crn=260




About Michael Luckman

Visual Music multimedia artist Michael Luckman, features the fractal art gallery of Roger Johnston as his palette to create moving works of art "Fractals in Motion" merging the mediums of music with visuals into a lyrical art form with each medium interpreting, supporting the other…. a counterpoint of sight and sound. To sample DVDs go to: https://www.fractalsinmotion.com/multimedia-fractals-michael-luckman.php
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