Nebular Cream

  Fractal Art by Roger Johnston

copyright 2011 

“A dessert or an invitation to enter the worm-hole!”
An out of this world fractal image that appears to want to pulll you into a swiling ride to the other side… 

Available now at the store under New Releases, see link below

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Roger Johnston 2011 Fractal Poster Montage 2


Updated quality fractal art montage poster featuring selected images by the artist Roger Johnston. Now On sale for a limited time. This is a one time promotional discount for $28.95, Size: 18×24 printed on glossy paper in a metallic finish using a high resolution printing proccess to bring out its breathtaking colors and textures. EACH PICTURE IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS A SEPERATE FULL SIZE PRINT OR GICLEE Please go to our store at:

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Roger Johnston Fractal Artist, Violinist, Optical Physicist


“A life influenced by the arts and sciences, math and music and the flow of reality/illusion. Life itself moves fractally, a journey along a chaotic boundary. Where safety is a predictable landscape of sameness, I seek the boundary that obscures, yet reveals, the energy of chaos/life, Fractals.”  

Roger Johnston: renowned fractal artist, mathematician extraordinaire, violinist.          Day job: optical physicist, lead engineer credited with repairing the Hubble Telescope, in addition to making major contributions building next generation optical telescopes and systems used in the recent Lunar missions that have led to discovering water on the moon as well as Mars.

About The Art

“Fractals” An emerging art form created from mathematical random chaos theory “The process of creating these fractals often requires hours of manipulation of function coefficients and palettes followed by perhaps hours in final rendering to create a final image.  I hope you find reward in viewing them as I am rewarded by creating them. In each of these fractals, the whole of science, math, and music precipitates onto the canvas, never seen, never envisioned before.” Roger Johnston 

To see Roger Johnston Fractal Art Gallery and prints for sale please visit our store:


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Michael Luckman the beginning before fractals – Visual Music Graphics, “Paintings in Motion” & the music of J.S. Bach



  Michael Luckman Visual Music Artist: Prior to my recent multimedia works using Fractals as my visual palette, my portfolio focused on my expression of Visual Music with a focus on Bach, especially Bach’s C Major Prelude, providing new insight and appreciation into a series of unique multimedia lectures played on the big screen with performances of live and recorded music for both the professional as well as the laymen into what makes great music great” 

Played in sync as an accompaniment to the music, Visual Music merges the mediums of sound and sight using geometric shapes, colors and musical space, custom designed cell by cell, measure by measure, evovving as digital paintings in motion, creating musical landscapes that trace the music’s structure and development to enrich the total experience.” For more information and media samples go to:

 (be sure to check out both the Lecture Series pages as well as the EDU section  at LuckmanMedia).

Additional works can also be found at: 

Please note these media pieces will be available on DVD at our store at FractalsInMotion  in the very near future, so please check back and if you like sign our mailing list at the store so we can contact you when new releases are posted! 

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Berkshire Eagle Press September 2010

Patterns of life emerge at the edge of chaos

By Andrew Roiter, Berkshire Eagle Staff


GREAT BARRINGTON — Roger Johnston sits down at his computer and begins to make adjustments. The untrained eye would have no idea what he was doing. What he’s doing is playing around the chaotic barrier — a phrase he created — in an attempt to make art. One false move and the image will shatter into random dots.

What may seem impossibly complicated to some is Johnston’s passion: “algorithmic art,  fractals”.

His day job is chief technologist at LightWorks Optics: His experience in optics — he helped develop equipment used to test the Hubble telescope when it broke down — has aided his skill in algorithmic art, a form of fractal art. He begins from a series of mathematical instructions that draw random images, which he then attempts to control. Equally exciting, classical composer and Visual Music multi-media artist Michael Luckman, a pioneer in his own right will be showcasing his next generation of Visual Music “Fractals in Motion”, where he merges Johnston’s exquisite fractal still images into animations of moving art, played in sync with the music of Bach and his own mesmerizing compositions, that often appear intertwined, complimenting each other, in a lyrical dance where both mediums together enrich one’s enjoyment of the total artistic experience. This unique exhibit of both artists ‘ works will run through Nov. 15 at Wingate Ltd, in the Old Jennifer House Commons.

Johnston creates a form of fractal art beginning with an algorithm, a series of mathematical instructions; each algorithm sets a pattern for an image, which he then adapts.
Johnston explained that while he has complete control over the color palette and most of the small details of each image, he has very little control over the general shape: That’s where chaos comes in. “In the mathematical sense of the word, chaos describes action that is non-linear, meaning that it after a certain point it is unpredictable. Scientists have used chaos research to track weather patterns, the spread of disease and even the micro to macro mapping of the Brazilian Rain Forrest.

But why does Johnston go anywhere near the chaotic barrier if he runs the risk of ruining one of his pieces? He says that the closer he works to the barrier, the greater the response he gets. Working close to dissolution is the way he creates intricate, organic designs and avoids the geometric patterns that appear frequently in fractal art. He avoids not only common geometric shapes but also the spirals that often emerge in algorithmic art. His works tend to look like living creatures, plants or even woven cloth; the figures come from chaos, but tweaked and twisted into a recognizable shape.

He added that many fractals appear in nature, which may explain why so many of his works look like living things. “I try to make mine look unique,” he said. To develop the shape usually takes about an hour, he said, but the details can take days or weeks for him to be satisfied with them. The work is fluid and fast — Johnston compared the process to dancing. When the final high-resolution image is finished, it can take up to six hours to render on an average computer and if printed out could fill a 20-foot by 30-foot space.

Luckman hopes to announce new venues for the Exhibit in NYC shortly after the New Year. Interested parties may contact the artist directly at: 516 690-4376, or email: or through the contact page on their website   Representation is being sought!

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Fractals as Visual Music

In this series, my 3rd generation of Visual I have attempted to blend both mediums to create a mood, a balance than strives to create a more relaxing meditative experience where music and visuals move together in subtle, rhythms like the ebb and flow of the tide at sunset, that at times appear random but when studied more closely, one finds sequential patterns similar to how a musical theme evolves, through repetition, variation and development as in a classical music composition.

 To sample DVDs go to:

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Woven Tapestry Fractal Art Roger Johnston

Once again Roger Johnston gives us a piece of fractal artwork created through random mathematical chaos theory … so rich in texture that it defies how art using pure math gone wild… can imitate so elegantly an organic tapestry.  Now featured at the store under New Releases:




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Fractal Stress Break Meditation DVD “Cosmic Florals”


Original fractal images by Roger Johnston, production visual music animation Michael Luckman, , A graceful counterpoint of music and art, to sample click on link:

 “Cosmic Florals” Fractals in Motion, Luckman Johnston excerpts 

for sale at:

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Berkshire Record Exhibit Review Oct.2010

Roger Johnston Michael Luckman Fractals in Motion Exhibition Review

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At the Wingate Ltd., Saturday – Sunday, August 14th and 15th

Showcasing the Fractal Art of Roger Johnston

Following the Bach and Forth event, a Special Exhibition showcasing a hand picked limited edition collection by the fractal artist, Roger Johnston of his latest fractal paintings along with a dazzling multimedia display of Fractals in Motion, moving art by Michael Luckman

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