A Collaboration by Two Artists

About Roger Johnston Fractal Artist

A life influenced by the arts and sciences, math and music, and the flow of reality/illusion. Life itself moves fractally, a journey along a chaotic boundry. Where safety is a predictable landscape of sameness, I seek the boundary that obscures, yet reveals, the energy of chaos/life. Fractals.

A few years at the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona gave me the tools for my career in high-tech optical systems. I built and tested many of the telescopes for space optics, including planetary missions to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon (MOC, Galileo, MGS, Clementine, Casini, etc), and also space astronomy missions (Hubble, IUE).

Roger Johnston

About Michael Luckman Visual Music Artist

Michael Luckman

"Prior to my recent mulitmedia works using Fractals as my visual palatte, my portfolio focused on my expression of Visual Music merging the mediums of sound and sight to create a unique music animation language providing new insight and appreciation for both the professional and the layman into what makes great music great.

"Played in sync as an acoompaniment to the music, VisualMusic graphics appear as digital paintings in motion, creating musical landscapes that trace the music's structure and harmonic development."

Michael Luckman